Better Together

There’s really no sugar coating the reality of how the last few days, weeks, and months have been. Simply put, it’s been tough.

We couldn’t have anticipated this is where we would be standing five months into 2020, but here we are. Together, in a sense. In the sense that no one really knows what’s next, but can all agree that we are moving toward it.

As states began to slowly reopen, we followed suit – but not without considerations. We wanted so badly to get back to normal, but we couldn’t ignore that normal maybe wasn’t quite that anymore. Now, more than ever, we needed to keep the health and safety of our guests and teammates as the backbone of each and every decision we were making.

We got really good at being focused on the moment, the right then and there, the thing that was immediately in front of us.

It sparked a lot of conversations. Ones about what we missed (that after work happy hour, hugging our parents), ones about what we will never again take for granted (dropping the kids off at school), ones that ended in laughter and venting sessions as we all realized that regardless of where we were at in life, we were all dealing with a mashup of emotions and experiences we have never had before.

Through all of that, the change, time spent at home, the ‘what ifs’ followed by the ‘and thens’, we could agree on one thing. We’re better together.

It helps knowing that someday we’ll be able to shake hands again. Give big, bear hugs again. Travel. Laugh with each other – in person, not on Zoom. Collaborate and grow.

But, until then, we’ll compromise.

We’ll be together, safely, from a distance. Now with enhanced cleaning protocols in place, along with additional safety measures, you will be able to shop your local Buckle store for those feel good favorites you’ve been missing from home.

We’ll admit it, together looks a little different for now; but it won’t forever.  

Through all of this, we have become more aware of how grateful we are for so many things, and you are one of them. Our guests, our Buckle family, our people – any way you say it, there is no doubt that we are better with you. That we are better together.

And at the end of the day, together is a pretty great place to be.

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