Desert-Proof Styles for the Festival Enthusiast

The first weekend of Coachella is nearing and we are feeling a little distracted.

A beautiful desert and live music can do that to ya.

It seems inevitable that festival season would morph into fashion’s first unofficial nod to summer and we are ready for light fabrics and that sun-kissed glow.

One could argue that ‘sensible’ festival wear isn’t necessarily the goal, but maybe it should be.

We don’t want to end up frozen and barefoot by 9 p.m. as temperatures drop and adrenaline falters.

A lightweight over-piece that can go from being tied around our waist to draped over our shoulders in seconds makes for a styled win. Add in a footbed slip-on and dancing at 2 a.m. is a sure thing.

Laydown with maroon/pink ombre cold shoulder top, light wash shorts with embroidered detail, and tan block heels

Gimmicks Cold Shoulder Top paired with Buckle Black Fit no. 53 short & Jessica Simpson Rianne shoe

While the floral headpiece will likely go down in history as being synonymous with outdoor music ventures, this year statement jewelry has dethroned the flower crown. Which honestly is more manageable when you think about it.

(think about it)

Boyfriend jeans > boyfriends.

Kidding. Kind of.

But really, we relish in the comfort these jeans provide while also looking ridiculously cool. Can you say the same about your boyfriend?

Pack your bag(s) without worrying about a mid-afternoon outfit change, or how many Band-Aids you should allocate to each day.

Our opinion: ¬†Whether you are California bound, or sipping a beverage on your porch, ¬†your clothes shouldn’t be what’s keeping you from dancing.



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