Swim Trends You’ll See All Summer

As summer nears, our minds begin to become alarmingly aware of any body of water in proximity, and calculating how and when we can launch ourselves into it.

Tan lines, umbrella drinks, cut-off shorts, the whole shebang.

Even though we will be wearing significantly less clothing, swim still comes with its fair share of noteworthy trends.

one shoulder strap bikini with white backing and pastel floral print and white strappy bikini with high, halter neckline

Billabong Pixi Petal Swim Top and Bottom & Becca Solid Swim Top and Bottom

We swore off halter necklines years ago, but now they’re leading our line up. Add straps and we have one confusing tan, yet happy heart.

woman in billabong strapless bikini with blue, yellow, and pink floral print

Billabong MixMash Buster Swim Top & Bottom

White is having a moment, and who are we to steal the spotlight? Left stark, or dipped in floral – basics continue to rule the fashion world making for our most versatile closet to date.

There we go. Visual proof.

We’ve explained our unconventional love for destructed choker-tees, and we aren’t backing down. A plunging neckline is perfect for the beach, but only when it can be thrown aside for a clean getaway to the water.

We hate to do it, but told ya so.3U6A1724-2

Isabella Rose Lolita Swim Top & Bottom

Next stop on our trend report, a suit that matches that umbrella drink.

Oh, did we mention there are tassels? Probably important because everyone knows the only thing that rivals miniature umbrellas in the fun department would be hot pink tassel details.

At least that sounds right.

Light wash, lived in jeans add the hint of edge we were missing, and now we’re game… for perhaps finding that body of water aforementioned.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say we live in swim come June. With that in mind, stock up.

I mean, perpetual mermaid has a nice ring to it.

Isabella Rose Floral Swim Top & Bottom

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