Earth Day? At Buckle, We Have Earth Week!

Happy belated Earth Day, everyone!

Though it may not seem like your typical, major holiday, we like to take time to appreciate Mother Earth at Buckle.

This year, we planned out a week dedicated to celebrating Earth Day. We met up with Kyle, one of our designers, to give you the full rundown of our Earth week. When Kyle isn’t busy designing killer graphics, he plays an active role on our “Green Team” committee. (He’s also extremely well-known for always wearing a backwards hat.)

Hi guys, Kyle here! I’ll be breaking down the awesome events we did for Earth Day.

First, I went around the office handing out our Earth week score cards. Everyone had a chance to tally up the points for various green activities. These points could be exchanged for raffle tickets at the end of the week for prize drawings.

Monday, our Green Team committee got together after work for a little sidewalk chalk fun. When everyone came in the office the next day (Earth Day), they were greeted with Earth fun beneath their feet.

On Tuesday, our team showcased their recycling skills in an annual exhibit we call “Rehash Your Trash.” You know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s… really cool craft project (or something like that). Everything from mason jars, scrap cardboard, nuts, bolts, old shirts, and anything else you can think of was used to make new, creative items.

To continue the celebration, I hand-sketched a “One Planet One Chance” design that was printed on shirts and bags to spread environmental awareness around our home office. Then, Thursday during the lunch hour, I set up a screen-printing station where our team could bring old shirts, jackets, bags, etc. to be up-cycled with a screenprint of the Earth Week design.

While I was printing, Buckle’s very own rockstar, Lanny, provided acoustic tunes, while Lori, our Marketing Director, had a table overflowing with beads, rope, yarn, jars, open for crafting.

Friday, we had everyone wear their up-cycled Earth Day shirts and bring in their favorite earthy treat!

Throughout the week, we also encouraged everyone to bring in their old shoes as part of a drive for the local animal shelter and other shelters around the world.

Overall, our Earth week was full of great people, good causes, and fun times!

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