Featured Favorites: Straight from our Experts

featured favorites from our merchants

For us, it’s pretty immediate.

When you pull something on, and it just *feels* good, ya know? When you can’t help but think to yourself, “I could live in this”, and then you do.

It’s not just a comfort thing, although that inevitably plays a part in it, but it’s when something just fits. It fits into your plans, fits expectations, fits a lifestyle, fits you.

Maybe we should back it up – today, we’re talking favorites.

The pieces you reach for again and again… and again. That may actually make us just as guilty as Lizzie McGuire when it comes to being an outfit repeater – because why mess with a good thing?

For their take on time-tested favorites, we turned to our resident experts, our merchants.

Featured Favorites from one of our VPs, Kelli

Name: Kelli Molczyk
Title: Vice President of Women’s Merchandising
Favorite part of the job: being creative – especially through design and the way I think.

Personal Style: Confidently cool… I feel like I do a lot of different looks just by the nature of this business and aspiring to be ahead of the upcoming trends (hard to lead a team of buyers selecting product if you don’t inspire them to think outside the box!) I’ve learned a person really can wear anything as long as they wear it with confidence. It’s that confidence that I think more than anything makes it “cool”.

Style at home: Mmm. My style at home is probably more… well, I wear all of my old favorites – at home it’s that old, comfy, lived-in, effortless stuff.

Favorite piece under $100: high-waisted denim, specifically ribcage everything. the higher the better!

Favorite piece to style multiple ways: biker shorts – I think they can definitely be casual with a tee, or love them under denim shorts, or even under a babydoll dress. With tennies, heels, blazers, the list goes on. Oh, and they’re stretchy – who doesn’t love that?!

One piece everyone should know about: Hats! No girl looks bad in a hat (especially while we’re waiting for those next hair appointments!)

featured favorites from Senior Buyer, Eve

Name: Eve Shipp
Title: Senior Buyer

Favorite part of the job: The people and the shoes! The people because everyone works toward the same goal, and the energy is dynamic. The shoes because they always fit, are fun to buy, and there is always new fashion to check out!

Personal Style: Quirky yet comfortable.

Style at home: Maybe a bit more comfortable at home, but I like to think I look like me even then.

Favorite piece to style multiple ways: Fairplex Academy Tee, Guinness Times Tee, or this Johnny Cash Tee

Favorite way to dress up when at home: I typically am always wearing a graphic tee or fitted tank paired with slightly eased denim – and I do this at home too! Instead of denim, I would probably swap for comfy pants. But a fitted tank with over-sized pieces and maybe a Birkenstock or MIA slide is definitely my go-to.

What is one brand everyone should know about? American Highway! As a graphic tee girl, this brand has figured out that soft, comfy tee that also allows you to express yourself and have some fun with it.

Denim tip: Right now I keep finding myself buying denim one size up, just to really nail that ‘eased’ look I was talking about before. They still fit well, just seem more relaxed.

Shop Kelli & Eve’s Favorites

Featured Favorites from our Sr. VP of Men's Merchandising, Bob Carlberg

Name: Bob Carlberg
Title: Senior Vice President of Men’s Merchandising

Favorite part of the job: Researching, building, and seeing product we make truly resonate with our guests.

Personal style: Multiple looks that really depend on how I am feeling and the occasion. My favorite brands are our own Outpost Makers and Departwest – specifically when it comes to denim, my go-tos are the Departwest Trouper, BKE Alec, and Outpost Slim Straight.

Style at home: When I want to go a bit more active I definitely turn to Hurley and Oakley.

One brand everyone should know about? See above (;

Favorite piece under $100: I really think destructed denim is a great option moving into the spring and summer months.

Favorite piece to style multiple ways: To add a bit of statement and pull off a really cool look, I would recommend checking out Howitzer and Sullen‘s graphic tees.

featured favorites from our  DMM, Jenny Morrow

Name: Jenny Morrow
Title: DMM Men’s Merchandising

Favorite part of the job: I love the entire process of product development, from start to finish!

Personal Style: I would say my personal style changes with how I am feeling. I love mixing it up and trying new things. Right now I’m liking all of the fun bottom hems on denim! Plus if gives you a reason to buy and showoff more cute shoes too!

Favorite piece to style multiple ways: For men I would say our solid e-waist Departwest shorts. I think they can be great for a casual date night with a fun SS printed button up or dressed down with a graphic T. Plus the comfort of the elastic waist and spandex in the fabric is an extra bonus!  


What is the one brand everyone should know about? Hey Dudes (= We have them for everyone in the family and are super comfortable. We have lots of exclusive styles in fun fabric patterns and colors. 

Shop Bob & Jenny’s Favorites

Again, when it comes to favorites – there is just something that makes it ‘fit’.

So, you’ve got a few new recommendations, but we want to hear your time-tested, go-tos at Buckle. What makes your favorites, your favorite?

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