One Small Thing

At some point in this whirlwind of happenings, we are discovering the things that really matter, that bring a sense of comfort, of normalcy, when normal has been turned on its head.

For some of us (🙋) that might mean taking the dress you bought for your friend’s wedding for a dance around the house, now that the wedding has been moved to fall.

For others, it’s upholding that tradition of happy hour with your significant other, but hosting it on the back patio (and still managing to run late).

Some find themselves creating more than ever, breaking out those watercolors that have been sitting in storage. Getting a little bit of escape through keeping their hands, and heads, busy – somewhere else.

One small thing is usually all it takes to turn a day around, to make something memorable.

Things like some good news, delivered by some pretty great people.

When your dog convinces you a two mile walk is, in fact, the best idea ever – and five miles later, you actually believe it to be true.

One small thing that you’ve maybe always had, but you never knew how much it really meant.

It can be *so* small. We were sitting around talking about clothes (super original for a retailer, we know) and got going about our favorite pieces. That pair of jeans that has just a bit of stretch, and fits you like a glove from the first wear.

The detailing and work that goes into crafting unique back pockets.

How adding a pair of earrings is all it really takes to make us feel like we’ve ‘dressed up’ some days.

That by tearing apart our bedroom and reorganizing our closet for the third time, we’re falling in love again with pieces we used to swear by but had maybe forgotten about.

One small thing for us has been a deep breath.

Not necessarily slowing down, but finding pause. Maybe taking the time to do a few things we haven’t before, like our live concert last week. Or being able to connect with you more than ever by just having more conversations, asking what you want to see, hear, read – and taking really thorough notes.

So, this week we are talking about that one small thing, and will do a bit of a deep dive on some of the things keeping us positive, moving forward, and healthy – and we would love for you to share yours.

What is making you laugh? Who is keeping you motivated? Keeping you grounded?

Share with us in the comments and on social by using #buckleathome.

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