Some Advice for Taking on New Roles

If there is one thing that the last several weeks has proven, it’s how quickly we can adapt when necessary. We’ve all had to drop what we were doing and pivot in a way that even Ross Geller couldn’t have coached us through.

For some of us, these pivots involve a little bit of a temporary role swap. Schools are closed, work is being done remote, people are staying home – all in an effort to preserve a version of normal on the other side.

In the meantime, we’re having to figure a few things out, maybe a lesson plan (or three months worth), maybe how to stay creative without getting out, and for some, how to resist the need to be constantly productive.

So, here’s our two cents – a little advice we’ve come across recently that is keeping us going, and keeping us positive.

For Those Picking up Lesson Plans

First of all, a vote of confidence. You can do this.

Now, our advice:

Make ‘some sort’ of schedule. We say some sort because you shouldn’t feel it needs to be super rigorous with something different going on every half hour. Aim for something basic, “we do this at 9:00, this at 10:00, lunch is at 12:00”. Enough so there is a routine, but stop there.

Now, this second piece is important, remember that you were not, and are not, a teacher. Some of these lessons are not going to be perfect, but if you can stick to nailing the basics like math problems and spelling words, they will be just fine.

Last piece of advice, try to remember to do something fun every day. We don’t want to be completely sentimental, but this may be an opportunity that you won’t have again. Oh, and know that fun doesn’t have to be some elaborate craft or project. Fun can just be going on a car ride someplace you haven’t been (obviously not that far, and not getting out to see people), or planting flowers around the house, or baking cookies.

Your kids will remember the time spent with you, not how good (or bad) you were at long division – at least that’s what we’re banking on. 😉

For Those after a Home Refresh

Once you have a little extra time at home, you really start analyzing that honey-do list a bit closer. But, before you go full ‘open concept’ – let’s take a deep breath and evaluate.

Our advice? Focus on the things that you can have an immediate impact on… like that cluttered junk drawer, or that wall in your living room that you’ve been dying to paint. Just go for it!

By picking something small, one task or project that can be completed within an hour, you can evaluate how you feel and grow from there.

Another tip, ‘shop’ from your current collection/inventory. Look around your entire house and move pieces or decor around. By re-purposing items you already love, you’re managing to freshen up your space without access spending.

That being said, IF your budget allows, we suggest making small purchases that have an immediate, noticeable, impact. Changing out frames or buying a few plants is an easy way to impact your space!

For Those in Search of a Creative Outlet

It can be really tough to stay creative when you’re faced with the same walls day after day – which is why it’s more important than ever to rely on your community.

Finding your creative outlet has a lot to do with finding your community - find what connects you to people, to things, and have some fun with it.

Our advice, figure out a way to check in on each other in a cadence that makes sense for you. Could be a Facebook group, a Zoom ‘meeting’, a group text even, whatever keeps you connected. Then, add a twist.

A daily prompt to create something new, a dress code/theme for that video call, or gathering inspiration from your closest friends’ Instagram feeds and sending some snail mail creations.

There is something really special about the way creating brings people together – it’s the ultimate collaboration – even when you’re particularly bad at it (🙋, guilty).

For Those Not Feeling Productive

We’ll let you in on a little secret.






This is not some productivity competition, even though some of those daily (hourly?) workouts, all of that freshly baked bread, and, yes, even some of those lesson plans and DIY projects, would have you thinking otherwise.

Our advice is pretty simple here – be nice to yourself. There has been a lot we’ve had to process, and changes that have had to be made. If there are days when you just need to sit in the sun in your back yard for hours – do it.

If that mid-afternoon nap is in fact the only pick-me-up you’re interested in, do it.

If you want to take on Ina Garten in the happy hour department, well, maybe reconsider because she definitely set the bar high.

And even though some would argue that a face mask won’t fix anything, we would argue back that it also won’t do any harm.

We’ve always been strong believers in self-care and self-expression, and that prefix of ‘self’ means understanding it’s different for everybody and that’s completely, irrevocably, okay.

So, we’re to the part where we really want to hear from you. Tell us how you’re doing, if there are any new roles you’ve been adjusting to, and how that’s going.

Oh, and if there is something you’d like us to write about – we’re always ready for some added inspiration!

Remember, take care of yourself, and take care of each other.

*photos courtesy of @jess.vettel + @rutheah

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