Fit Spotlight: BKE Payton Jeans

BKE Payton Jeans - the universal fit for all body types

Now that we’ve proclaimed to have a fit for everybody, we want to get into how our jeans actually fit every body.

It starts with our fits.

Not all people are created the same, and your jeans shouldn’t be either. That’s why we’ve worked hard to perfect a fit for every body type. For women, we have jeans that fall into slim, regular, universal, and curvy fit categories. Now, you may be asking yourself which fit is for you?

If you’ve never worn our jeans before, a good place to start is with our universal fit, BKE Payton. As the name implies, this is our most universally-fitting jean. From slender, to athletic, to curvy – and everything in between – BKE Payton is meticulous designed to fit as many body types as possible.

BKE Payton is eased through the hips and thighs, and offers a contoured waistband for a gap-proof fit. Meaning your jeans will be fitted where they need to be, and not too loose or too snug in areas like your thighs and waist.

We like to think of BKE Payton as the most well-rounded person in our friend group. Trusty with her mid-rise, and with many more great qualities to love about her!

Now, as we proceed to tell you just what else we love about her, make sure to take note of how great BKE Payton Jeans fit on different body types.

Women's BKE Payton Ankle Skinny Jean
Elizabeth is 5′ 11″ and wearing a size 25 x 27 in BKE Payton Ankle Skinny Jeans.

We love that BKE Payton offers a huge selection of styles in inclusive sizing. Waist sizes range from 23-38, inseams range from 25″-37″, and the jean is available in every leg opening.

Women's BKE Payton Tailored Bootcut Jean
Ali is 5′ 9″ and wearing a size 30 x 33 in BKE Payton Bootcut Jeans.

We’re talking ankle skinny, skinny, straight, tailored bootcut, bootcut, and flares!

Women's BKE Payton Skinny Jean
Monica is 5′ 8″ and wearing a size 28 x 31 in BKE Payton Skinny Jeans.

We also love that all BKE Payton Jeans are made with stretch fabric – because who doesn’t love the comfort of stretch. Even better, this fabric holds its shape, so you don’t have to worry about your jeans stretching out while wearing them.

Victoria is 5′ 10″ and wearing a size 33 in BKE Payton Ankle Skinny Jeans (SKU 137469 – coming soon).

And last, we love that BKE Payton come in so many different washes and finishes – like light, medium, and dark washes. As well as, destructed and refined options.

BKE Payton is the jean that defies all ages and body types – it truly is the jean that’s for everyone! By now, you can probably tell just how much we love Payton, but we’re not the only ones. Over 1 million pairs of BKE Payton Jeans have been purchased and worn by people like you! Go ahead, now is the time to find your perfect pair of jeans – you know you want to!


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