How to build a closet capsule that feels like you.

You’re unique. So why should your closet capsule be any different? 

While most fashion bloggers are pushing the classic grey tee and leather jacket (for good reasons), we’re less interested in playing copy cat, and more about creating capsules that embody your individual style.

And we did it all…. in 9 pieces.

With color, patterns, prints.


But hold the applause, because we’re here to navigate you from even your most special events to days spent running errands like a #girlboss.

Starting with those special occasions, this dress has just enough sophistication (without skimping on personality) for the more formal events. And with the right silhouette…


This dress doubles as the skirt of our dreams.

Layering at it’s finest – and simplest. Longer and shorter pieces that, with a few calculated pulls and tucks, compliment your shape.

In other words, get yourself a dress that can do both.

If there’s one thing that your closet is missing, it’s these high rise, ankle straight jeans that hold their own against your favorite skinnys.

Because if there’s one thing these Flying Monkeys can offer, it’s COMFORT.


With a 16″ bottom opening that’s ever so slightly reminiscent of the trending kick flare, we are promising these will quickly become integral to your outfit planning.


And since we’re already talking about comfort, let’s not stop for the sake of this Free People floral bralette and leggings.

See the above photo as a canvas for all your newly found layering possibilities. Shirt/Athlesiure option below.


But what would this warm weather be without the right playlist and a two piece set to match?


Sure, this skirt is technically a separate, but that’s all we need to turn our favorite graphic tees and bodysuits from a night out with the girls to a plus one on the dance floor.

Besides, who can argue with step-through shorts when your song drops?

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