Take a Stance!

Hey everyone! It’s Lanny, the intern at Buckle again. I’ve got some questions for you…

What sets you apart? How does it reflect your personality? Why do you wear it? 

These are the questions that have drawn me toward the world of fashion – a world that is creative, inventive, and individualistic. For me, this makes fashion (dare I say) fun. But lately, I have been struggling at the cross-road of “my look” and “standing out.” Anyone else?

Now, I’m a guy who rocks a fairly basic style, so finding something that stands out that reflects my personality is not an effortless task. Recently, I found my solution – the most under-rated fashion trend to hit the streets…


I know what you’re thinking, “What? Socks? Did he say socks?” Yep, socks. Put on a pair of funky socks, and tell me you don’t feel like a new man. Okay, socks are probably not ultra life changing, but I do receive many compliments on my fashionable feet.

Stance Socks

Stance is a brand that helped launch my sock interest, and as I allowed my curiosity to grow, I realized the versatility that Stance socks provide.

Stance Socks

I’m a big fan of the “rolled jean” look, so flaunting my socks is easy with my casual shoes. Paired up with a graphic tee and my favorite black chinos, the pop of color from the socks always draws an appropriate amount of attention.

Stance Socks

Once I solidified my laid-back sock game, I thought I would have a run with a more “businessy” feel. Mismatched socks with dress shoes? Yeah, I was skeptical too, but somehow, unconventional socks and wing-tip shoes just felt right. Don’t be afraid to have a party in your shoes even if your top half screams business.

Stance Socks

For the record, I’m nothing more than an average baller, but my Stance socks also work with my selection of athletic shoes. Sweats, sweaters, and patterned socks might shock you. Try it out for a fun, casual persona.

Now that you know my fashion trick, feel free to explore on your own. Trust me, if you are searching for that “secret sauce” for your look, socks are not an outrageous place to start. Hit up buckle.com to check out one of my favorite brands – Stance.

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