Men’s Denim Shorts – How to find the right pair for your better half.

It’s Tuesday, and we know that means another week at the office sharing our favorite style tips.

A week that has us prepared to say “adios” to the weekend jean and “hello” to Saturdays spent at the lake.

Which is exactly where we’ll be headed, given that the other half has packed accordingly.

You see, if you’re anything like us, you might be experiencing a slight resistance from the beau to hang up the “practical” work jean and slip into the relaxed, weekend worthy denim short.

OR you might be fighting for anything similar that doesn’t happen to be the boardshort he’s already packed, ensuring that there’s a second option to your man’s weekend wardrobe.

Either way, you want to make sure he’s ready for summer’s activities, and we’re here to help.


First up is the Departwest Wanderer Short.

Keeping things simple with slight stretch and a 20″ outseam, this short works well on a wide range of height differences thanks to its ability to be cuffed near the knee.


Tip: Avoid loose-fitting shorts since they will add bulk and create disproportionate, skinnier legs. Choose a slim fit here.


But if denim isn’t your first choice, opt for a black pair with slight destruction. They can be dressed up or down with the ability to go with almost any shirt.

And at $54.00, Rustic Dime has our best interest in mind.


Tip: Pick a mid-rise short if your guy likes additional coverage and comfort.


But for the man who is a little more blessed in height, this Salvage Havoc Slim Straight is a great option with a 21″ outseam. Perfect for those who want a short that skims the knee for a relaxed, easy look.


Tip: Keep the focus on an athletic build with a simple tank to accent moto-inspired details.

Check out the latest men’s short styles to get inspired.






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