Tuesday Tips: How to wear sneakers with dresses

Ever since our girl Miley sang about the time she wore sneakers to the club back in ’09 (you know the one) we’ve been nodding our heads like “yeahhhh” to the dress and sneaker trend.

Turned out we weren’t the only fans. See, the DJ dropped our favorite tune and the Britney song was on……. the Britney song was on… the Britney song… was…

Hey, it’s catchy…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Back to tennis + dresses. The combo feels something like your momma’s sweet apple pie at the county fair. It’s all sweet with an extra side of comfort.

But if there’s anything we know about apple pie, it’s that it has to have a solid base (AKA – a sweet, flaky crust) before we’re willing to hand over the purple ribbon.

And that’s where a good pair of tennis shoes comes in.


Favorite Sneaker Brands – Blowfish Sneakers, Puma Sneakers, TOMS

We’re loving these shoe brands to go with your favorite dessert skirt for your outfit’s foundation.

But for those extra details?

We all know pie isn’t the real deal without a scoop of vanilla ice cream. (Let’s just pretend like this new dress from Ivory Love is that extra dose of happiness.)

It’s definitely somebody’s… (mine). 💕

We’re really loving all of these dress styles, including this maxi straight from our meticulously styled dreams.

Perfect for those summer BBQ’s or night out with the girls. (You’re plans… but also ours.)G41A0710Which is great because we all want outfits that have a little more versatility this summer without breaking the budget.

Psst… race you for the last slice. 🍰

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