Relationship Status: Taken

It’s no secret, we are pretty passionate about denim. We live in it. Eat in it. Drink in it. We don’t sleep in it, but we have thought about it.

Perhaps what has really solidified our relationship with denim is its ability to grow with us. Our denim took the abuse of our younger years in stride. First with grass stains acquired during recess, then the sharpie designs scribbled on by friends during homeroom. Then there were the trends… the super low rise that made sitting at all nearly impossible, the boot cut we put on repeat with the heavy stitching, or the ones with rhinestones. UGH, some good chairs were scratched by our behinds.

Oh, remember that time when we thought our 5’4 frame required a long inseam? Yeah… that was a low point.

Unlike our middle school boyfriends, denim stuck through it all, patiently awaiting the day we suddenly cared about FIT instead of fad.

The first time we squeezed into skinny jeans our dad rolled his eyes and we thought maybe he was right. But we trusted in their mall presence and stuck it out.

It paid off, but definitely took some getting used to.

We then welcomed flares back, and began spending lazy days in our favorite straights.

As we’ve gotten even older yet, we have come to a sort of compromise with denim. Some days we want some give, but mostly we want on trend detailing and fabric that will get us through this style phase, and the next.

We’ve managed to find a common ground where we can display our personal style while being comfortable – and frankly, we are so happy to be here.

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