(re)think shorts

In the midst of craziness there is one thing we can rely on: comfy clothes. We’ve been chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool (to the tune of Prince of Bel Air), and have literally been soaking in as much Vitamin D as we can, from the comfort of our backyards, of course. We feel refreshed. We’re ready to get back on the work grind.

Hit pause.

Until we get back to whatever our “normal” may end up looking like… join us as we find ways to stay as comfortable as we can in the transition. With our stores and offices still closed to ensure the safety of our teammates and communities, we too are figuring this out with you! So here we are, a new journey ahead of us for the next month, and mainly, we just want to be comfy.

Better days are ahead, and these shorts will be there for you this summer as you cruise around with your friends, but for right now, they’re your comfy BFF and make sitting on your couch look so good.

Currently, we’re loving all things from Billabong. It seems like their laid-back, go-with-flow styling is an essential for at-home work sessions. So pull on that sweatshirt and floral printed short, we’re ready to settle in.

Biker Babe

To put it literally, you are a biker babe now. Bet you didn’t see that phrase in your future.

In all seriousness, we are so thankful the 90’s gods brought back biker shorts last year. Because, where would we be without this hip-hugging, effortless staple?!

Another added bonus is the sporty factor. We will not succumb to sitting around all day, and high knees are a lot more fun when you have this print to look at!

So, get comfy, get active…get to wearing this outfit 😉

Mix & Match

One of the best things about self-isolation is the fact that you can get as funky as you want. Like this outfit to the right.

We’ve layered on the layers, because whether you’re in Sioux Falls, SD or Bakersfield, CA, you’re going to have the same objective: get comfy.

No doubt this sock set is going to bring you happiness and keep things bright. So, don’t be afraid to step outside of your style comfort zone. Now is the perfect time to try something new and get used to how it makes you feel!

Thanks for tagging along on this short story, it’s been nothing short of amazing. **Can you tell we’ve been cooped up?! We’ve been blessed with the best guests that continue to support and encourage us through these odd times, and we cannot wait to continue sharing what’s on our mind, and what’s happening in the world of Buckle.

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