We’re Celebrating 50 Years with Special Pricing!

Before we were the Buckle, we were the Brass Buckle. And before we were a national retailer, we were a single mom and pop shop, licensed in good style.

You see, a lot has changed since the ’60s, but one thing that hasn’t? Our service.

Truth is, we’ll still hem your denim. And we still believe in giving our guests the most enjoyable shopping experience possible.

To make that experience even better? We’re giving special pricing on a selection of on-trend fall apparel now until August 6th. Think favorite jeans, best brands, and trending styles at great prices. (See women’s and men’s styles now.)

Just let our CEO, Dennis Nelson explain (and take a time hop through the Buckle museum)!

Buckle's CEO Celebrates 50 Years

Dear Guests,

Buckle is celebrating 50 years! To express our appreciation, we invite you to enjoy special pricing during our Anniversary Celebration on new styles and trends from some of your favorite brands.

It’s our way of saying thank you for your business and your loyalty as we have evolved over the years. Guests like you have made us the denim destination we are today – and for that we are very grateful!

We truly appreciate your business and hope you’ll celebrate with us!


President and Chief Executive Officer

Buckle 50th Anniversary Museum

Buckle's 50th Anniversary Museum | Buckle name's and logos over the years.

Who remembers when we were called The Brass Buckle? 

Fun Fact: Our name has changed throughout the decades, and so has our logo. We went from The Brass Buckle in 1967 to The Buckle in 1991 until coming to our current brand name, “Buckle” in 2002.

Buckle's 50th Anniversary Museum | Denim over the years

We gave a little glimpse into the evolution of jeans from wash and rise, to finish and fit ending with some of our more contemporary blues.

Vintage clothing in Buckle's 50th anniversary museum.

Classic apparel from some of our most-loved brands. Vintage pink sweatshirt anyone?

Yes, please.

Vintage brands that Buckle has carried over the years.

Can you find some of the brands we currently carry?

Buckle's 50th Anniversary Museum | Magazine articles from the past.

Check out the Anniversary Collection and let us know what your favorite brands and styles at Buckle have been throughout the years in the comments below.

Thank you for being a part of our story over the last 50 years!


  • Tina Dailey

    Buckle has been my favorite place to shop for years! I am always pleased with the quality of all the fashionable brand names of everything you carry. Look forward to many more years!

  • Dee Medlock

    I am grateful to have been blessed with the amazing opportunity of working with Buckle for over 21 years and still love it to this day! The leadership and genuine care of people is what keeps us strong, not to mention the amazing fashion! Happy anniversary to an amazing company! Store 192 @buckletupelo192 Tupelo Mississippi

  • Adam murray

    Just wanted to say I love the Buckle and everything the company has done over the years it’s truly the best shopping experience in the world! I know work for buckle and have been there for a year now. I live this company and everything it offers and everything it’s about. So thank you for all of you who our contributing and have over the years it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! Happy 50th Buckle

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