Women’s Spring Denim Trend Report

Denim is the non-negotiable when it comes to our staples, and that is applicable year-round. But, while denim is sure to stay a constant, that doesn’t necessarily mean the styles and trends are. So, in an effort to keep each season looking better than the last, we collected this season’s favorite call outs in denim that keep the effortless staple on top of our must-haves.

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All the way Up, Or not so much

We don’t want to be the ones to incite any panic, but rumor has it that low rise is making her way back onto the scene. While this writer isn’t necessarily convinced she will be attempting what her younger self once loved – there are plenty of solid arguments for why all rises should have a place in your closet, which is why we’re making sure to include them in our spring line-up.

From the true low rises of the early 2000s, to the mid-rises that made a strong showing a bit later, to the high (and ultra high) rises that have become our denim bread and butter the last several years – we’re no stranger to how denim trends come and go (and come back again), so here’s a bit of a breakdown to finding your perfect pair.

Know Your Rise

Low Rise will sit right at your hips, typically between 7 ¾” and 8 ¾”*.

Mid-Rise will sit between your hips and belly button, or roughly between 9” and 9 ¾”*.

High Rise is probably what you’ve become more accustomed to over the last few years, sitting right below your belly button, around 10” to 10 ¾”*.

Ultra High Rise (a personal favorite) truly sits at your belly button if not a touch higher between 11” and 11 ¾”*.

*these are based on a size 28 jean

The Wider the Leg…

The better the trend, at least when you’re talking wide leg denim.

Living proof, the jeans hanging out at the top of our new arrivals. Whether giving a nod to the number one man in your life (hey, dad), or just playing with proportions – we love a wide leg for the immediate fun they insert into every outfit.

Proving that top of trend denim has become a family affair are none other, fits named with certain parentals in mind.

Let’s start with our hero – mom fit. True to the role of the matriarch – the mom fit is one that we couldn’t imagine life without, a fit that instantly makes our day better, and maybe even has a trick or two up her sleeve. The fit itself is made to be universally flattering; fitted through the waist and hips then becoming slightly eased through the leg before a taper at the hem. All of that is really just fancy talk for, mom knows best and this fit proves it.

That being said, we can’t forget about dad. Yes, dad is onto something, and it’s no joke. The dad fit delivers on an overall relaxed silhouette, taking inspiration from our favorite vintage fits, but still resulting in a flattering silhouette with a high rise sitting at your natural waist.

Stylist tip for our babes new to the trend: Remember when we said play with proportions? This can go beyond your jeans, try styling wide leg denim with a fitted top and chunky shoes (heels or sneakers – we’re loving both) and you’ll have an outfit everyone will be complimenting.

Still not convinced on committing to the trend? We love a flare for the perfect compromise.

It’s Vintage…Inspired

As thrifting becomes the ultimate cool-kid move, we are falling back in love with those vintage finds our parents once coveted, and that doesn’t exclude their once go-to denim.

While we will always have stretch denim, we have found ourselves gravitating more and more toward rigid jeans and the process of wearing them in to fit us over the last few months. There’s something about denim that feels a bit more like an extension of you – of something you put a little time and effort in to – and can wear with literally *anything*.

That’s the magic of the vintage-inspired jean. Which is what pushed it to secure a top trend spot.

Smoothing & Shaping

And last, but certainly not least – a belief that we take pretty seriously around here.

Your go-to jean should make you feel good – that’s a belief that’s been shared at Buckle for decades. We’d even go as far as to say your go-to jean should inspire a slow turn everything you put it on – pausing just for a second to look yourself over, and smiling every single time. So, we took that feeling, that action, and put it into our Buckle Black denim.

Every new jean by Buckle Black now comes with shaping and smoothing. What that means is that we’ve built in a little extra support through special pocketing that both shapes and smoothes (hence the name) the tummy area. The goal? Giving you a jean that makes you feel good every wear.

pairs well with everything in your closet (that’s the point!)

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