spring 2021 denim trend report

Women’s Spring Denim Trend Report

If we were to write a ballad about an item in our closet, it would go out to the denim. While other lyrics transformed a cardigan into the must-have piece of winter, we can’t help but argue that denim is the year-round staple that deserves its accolades to be put to sheet music, landing in our playlists that sound just as good the first listen as they do the 125th.

Making denim even more deserving, the seemingly effortless transition through trends – each season looking better than the last, some revisiting the trends that pulled on the heart strings of the denim diehards of the past.

So, let’s keep the small talk to a minimum, and instead start brainstorming which (maybe all) denim trends we will be running with this spring.

Trend Fits

Fit matters, and we love an eye-catching silhouette.

Top of trend denim has become a family affair as proven by two of the fits we are quickly introducing into our personal denim line-ups.

Let’s start with our hero – mom fit. True to the role of the matriarch – the mom fit is one that we couldn’t imagine life without, a fit that instantly makes our day better, and maybe even has a trick or two up her sleeve. The fit itself is made to be universally flattering; fitted through the waist and hips then becoming slightly eased through the leg before a taper at the hem. All of that is really just fancy talk for, mom knows best and this fit proves it.

That being said, we can’t forget about dad. Yes, dad is onto something, and it’s no joke. The dad fit delivers on an overall relaxed silhouette, taking inspiration from our favorite vintage fits, but still resulting in a flattering silhouette with a high rise sitting at your natural waist. Pairing a dad jean with a fitted top, or even better, a cropped top, will result in a look even those with a middle part wouldn’t be able to ignore.

Detail Driven

If the fit is the heart of our favorite jeans, then the details are the soul. (can’t believe we’re getting this deep on denim, can ya?)

But it’s true. Details are what makes each jean feel unique and a little exciting. From skye high rises, to every size of flare from a slight kicked out boot, to a super (and we mean super) flare. The denim details this spring are going to be the little something extra that makes your look an outfit – and you’ll feel more confident because of it.

pairs well with a cropped tank or bodysuit (make the denim the star!)


Or as we’d prefer to say, perfectly lived in.

As much as we love clean, polished denim, there is just something about the spring air that has us wanting to show just a little skin. Destruction brings a little interest whether located at the hem, the knee, or all the way from hem to waist. Whether looking for a little refresh, or a completely destroyed option to make a statement, destructed denim is on our radar in a big way as a spring must-have.

pairs well with that graphic tee you’ve been eyeing

Smoothing & Shaping

Your go-to jean should make you feel good – that’s a belief that’s been shared at Buckle for decades. We’d even go as far as to say your go-to jean should inspire a slow turn everything you put it on – pausing just for a second to look yourself over, and smiling every single time. So, we took that feeling, that action, and put it into our Buckle Black denim.

Every new jean by Buckle Black now comes with shaping and smoothing. What that means is that we’ve built in a little extra support through special pocketing that both shapes and smoothes (hence the name) the tummy area. The goal? Giving you a jean that makes you feel good every wear.

pairs well with everything in your closet (that’s the point!)

Light Washes

While lighter washes for spring are arguably not groundbreaking, the wash techniques paired with those trending details that have been introduced this spring might be. Light washes are a seasonal staple that we love to watch for annual updates. The everyday ease of styling lighter wash, plus the eventual embrace of color following a few months of prioritizing neutrals is the spring refresh we’ve been waiting for.

pairs well with brighter color palettes

Rigid Denim

Only the best trends turn up again, and we’d rank rigid denim among the best of the best. The comfort of stretch has made it a go-to in our closet, but there is something about the classic, vintage appeal of a rigid jean that makes them top choice for a fashion look.

Perfected with wear, there is a uniqueness about how rigid denim forms to you over time, a few wears in – and then fits just right every single time. Because of this, and those tried and true washes that are recognizable across the years, rigid denim is the ideal end note of this trend report.

Whether looking for something new (cue trend fits) or something seasonal (lighter washes, we see you) this spring denim lineup is one we are excited about, for all of the above reasons.

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