Men’s Spring Denim Trend Report

You may have caught on to the fact that denim is a big part of what Buckle is about, some may even say it’s in our DNA. Denim is the best of all worlds; a timeless classic, everyone has a go-to, and the trends are always introducing something to keep your selection fresh. This spring is no exception.

This spring, our denim line-up is getting a fresh look and it’s something worth getting a little excited about. From updated fits, to trending details, to the denim itself – these jeans are ones you will put on, and struggle to take off. (yes, they look that good)


Let’s start with one we’ve come to love, destruction. More specifically, lived-in destruction that’s made to wear in the day-to-day. As the temps start to warm up, so does our need for denim that is a little lighter weight, and amping up the destruction allows that extra breathing room we inevitably find ourselves looking for.

pairs well with graphic tees (like this favorite from Sullen)

Light Washes

To keep that ‘trend’ going, let’s continue to lighten up – your go-to denim wash, in this case. Light washes are a tried-and-true for good reason. This spring we are embracing light washes of all types, starting with a medium, true blue wash like above. Not drastic enough? We have you covered. From acid washes, to sun-bleached blue, to everything in-between. We are keeping a close pulse on washes as an easy refresh to your favorite denim and making it easy by offering multiple washes in your go-to fits like the BKE Jake.

pairs well with literally everything (here’s what’s new)

Black Washes

Talk about a wash to watch. Black denim offers an elevated look without any added effort which pairs well with spring. Keeping things simple, but cool is the goal and black denim tends to deliver again and again.

The myth worth busting here: that black denim is reserved for dressed up looks.

Instead, think of it as a simple swap for any of your true blue favorites – pairing well with everything from a basic tee, to that button-up shirt for date night. Black denim is a chameleon of looks, taking on whatever look you’re after and making it (just a little) cooler.

pairs well with stripes (trust us on this one)

Streetwear Inspired Denim

Trending on the street, right into your closet. Streetwear inspired denim is made to turn heads, so statement makers need only apply.

This trend is one that we’ve had on our radar over the last couple of years, but as it comes more into its own, we are investing more into our own closets. From unique details like paint splatters, moto-inspired paneling, and the overall slim silhouettes, to washes that range from traditional to anything but – street denim is a sure way to add some interest into your overall wardrobe with minimal work.

pairs well with trending prints (we recommend tie-dye)

Slim Fits

Gone are the days of denim so loose they hang at your hips, or skintight silhouettes that don’t prioritize comfort. Slim fits instead are alive and well and demanding the spotlight for their timeless appeal and versatile wearability. Putting our slim fits on the map, many are offered in more of a stretch denim fabric – so while they look a little more polished, they are comfortable from the first wear.

When in a clean wash, slim fits are the poster child from transitioning from day (work, errands, etc.) to play (after work drinks, date night).

The non-negotiable, the fact that denim is truly a year-round staple, even when the temperature starts to pick up.

And guys, the denim of spring looks GOOD. All it’s missing is you.

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