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Introducing BKE like you've never seen it before.

It’s your life, live it. That’s the phrase that immediately came to mind when working through who BKE is as a brand. Someone that takes risks, but not without reason, that embraces the unknown and learns from each encounter, getting better in the meantime. BKE is a brand rooted in self-expression, discovery. Those everyday pieces […]

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Fall denim must-haves

Fall it the season where denim becomes a main element to any wardrobing effort — helping keep you warm as the temperature drops while also adding an extra style element to any outfit.

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Highs and Lows: Breaking Down Denim Rises

Rises can hit people differently depending on height and torso length, but if you know where your natural waist is and where the jeans will hit you can easily find the perfect fit.

Finding the right pair of jeans that will last for years and you’ll never get tired of wearing is extremely important. Denim is a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe at this point – it’s a classic that will never go out of style. While denim will always be a crucial part of fashion, the trending […]

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Fitting for Holidays

It probably won’t surprise you that the holidays are our favorite time of the year. And sure, we love the holidays because we’re gifted with new memories with loved ones…and nomming on home-made goodies. But, we love the outfitting that much more! Ok, so how do we get you as hyped about outfitting & denim […]

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